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Cisco Logging Levels

Manufacturer/VendorCisco Systems
Product(s)IOS and CAT OS routers and switches


This article will assist a technician with understanding the different verbosity levels in Cisco IOS and CAT OS firmware.



  • User must have enable (Level15) access to the device.


Troubleshooting Cisco routers and switches may require setting the verbosity of device logging.  There are eight distinct levels of logging based on severity. Higher severity messages are given a lower level number. The following table presents these logging levels:


Important Notes

    • The highest severity logging level (meaning least amount of alerts) is the “Emergencies” (level 0)
    • The lowest severity logs (meaning most amount of alerts) is the “Debug” (level 7)
    • Enabling a logging level automatically activates logging of higher severity levels. For example if you configure logging level “3″ then all messages falling into levels zero (0) up to three (3) are logged.


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